the Grand Duchy (..alternative transmedia™)
…idea/concept/story – Film, Music, Life, Poetry, Space…

Transmedia: The core is the idea or story, whose manifestation is the composition of complimentary forms, styles and media which create a multi dimensional experience that fully envelops the viewer in its universe.” (J. Kimo Arbas)

..engage thru, motion picture, vocals and sound composition, rhyme, performance, street art and space related works. Concerned mostly with content, form, style, and purpose.


the Grand Duchy has recently completed another enhanced audio CD, motion picture with sound track album, mass media performance and installation art in Australia, Los Angeles, New York, Europe, Ukraine and the Caucuses.

the Grand Duchy is interested in commissioned projects and similar collaborations, building think tanks and strategic symbiosis.

This is clear in works curated by Jonas Mekas, Karen Atkinson, John Burgan, Jay Leno,Leo Smith and Dj Babu among others, in multiple genres and media. the Grand Duchy works on a global level by mainly between the United States and Europe the world is small.. Apparent in the fact that most of the Grand Duchy current and completed projects are international cooperations including two or more nations. the Grand Duchy is committed to ambitious, large scale, symbiotic and efficient projects thru creative consultation, leadership and concept solutions.





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Written on December 21st, 2010
The Grand Duchy™

..alternative transmedia™